How to Choose a Right Dash Cam


Dash cams vary in what functions and feature they have, so it may be quite challenging to choose one for your vehicle. However, there are only four important factors you need to consider:



If you have a large windshield, then larger dash cams shouldn’t be a problem. However, a smaller dash cam supported for vehicles with lower windshields such as race cars.

Video quality

High definition is always recommended, but if you don’t want to invest in a higher-end model, standard video quality should suffice in recording relevant footage such as accidents.


The features of the dash cam should match your needs, whether it’s for security, videography, just for fun, or all three. There are dash cams with specific features made for these purposes.


Different models come with different features, such as GPS logging (shows your GPS position along with the video), speed-logging (record the speed you’re driving at), and a write-protect save button (to save a video for playback while the camera continues to record).

That’s why it’s important to decide on what you’ll use the dash cam. If you want to use it just to record videos, for instance, then you probably won’t need fancy GPS logging features.

Tips on Using a Dash Cam

Mute the audio to make more room for video storage. Since it’s usually not the most important part in recording with a dash cam, it advised that you keep it muted.

Mount your dash cam high to prevent it from obstructing your view. That will also give the camera a better view of the road.

Keep your dash cam on at all times, especially if it’s not going to be a long trip. You don’t want to miss a chance of recording something amazing, as well as hard evidence of accidents and other casualties.

Use the best SD cards for your convenience. A good SD card will allow you to transfer the video files from the camera to any device quickly and with ease, as well as the record for longer hours.

Save your desired recordings immediately. That is so that your dash cam won’t overwrite the footage with other unimportant recordings.

Clean your windshield.If left unclean, the camera might focus on dirt and debris instead of what you need to record. It will also lessen the quality of your.

How to Maintain Your Dash Cam

One of the advantages of dash cams is that they are very easy to maintain. You can do it yourself— no need to hire a professional.

To keep your dash cam clean and at peak performance, keep these three steps in mind while you do your maintenance routine:

Format your dash cam storage. Do this from time to time. That will prevent any clogging of unnecessary files in your storage so you can be sure that you’ll always have room for current recording.

Check the video files regularly. That is done to make sure your dash cam is working well, and to see if it is in need of optimization or repairs.

Wipe the lens and the external part of the camera. Wipe using a clean, dry cloth regularly or even before each use to ensure quality recording.

Doing those three steps from time to time will help in maintaining your dash cam’s video recording quality and storage capacity, as well as its longevity.

Product Features

High Resolution: Dash Cam Geek and Digital Trends Best Dash Cam Pick. With built on Ambarella A7, Super 2K HD 2304*1296P/2560*1080P video at 30fps+WDR provides excellent sharp video quality and super night vision with infrared light certainly captures the license plates cars as well as road signs during the day and night.

Wide-Angle Lens:

170° Wide Angle lens presents a wide field of view and splendor scenario; F2.0 Six Layer Optical Glass Lens, dust, and heat proof, helps capture high-quality images in the wrong environment. Auto LCD OFF after the recording begins so you won’t be disturbed by another glowing rectangle on your windshield.

GPS Option:

The upgraded R2 provides GPS option which allows you to track the driving route and speed. TO USE R2′ S GPS FUNCTION, PLEASE BUY A GPS MOUNT (ASIN: B00UA224DY).

Emergency Lock:

G-sensor detects any impact and auto locks the important video segments to video files, so you will never miss an outstanding moment. Also, supports manually fastening videos. Auto turns on and record while car engine starts.

Parking Mode:

Auto switch the dash camera with Parking Mode, triggered by the motion detector, the dash cam will auto record when people or things come closer to your car from 10M / 33FT away in front.

Product Description


No card included. The R2 might not work well with Sandisk card. We recommend the Samsung Evo or Evo plus card. If you are using a 64GB card, please format to FAT32.

If windshield mounts are illegal in your state, please buy an Adhesive Mounting Disk for adhering to dashboards.

2K HD Dash Cam

Utilizes the best Ambarella A7 CPU, provides optimal performance

2K super HD

The R2 captures 2304*1296P/2560*1080P video at 30fps. After repeatedly experiments, the R2 has created with more life like image system. It’s more than a dash cam, but a motion picture camera on the road.

Search videos on YouTube with “Vantrue dash cam.”

Super night vision

OV4689 CMOS sensor exceedingly improves night vision, plus the WDR presenting more details from shadows to highlights in moving.

170 wide angle

The top class optical glass lens features 170 deg. Wide angle, records both front and side situations of the car, without missing a movement, while minimizing distortion.

Event protect

The G-Sensor auto locks videos with impact detected. Emergency button supports manually securing videos. All performance videos will be saved in Event folder, easy to review.

Audio Recording

Built in microphone/speaker for audio recording, you can also turn it off.

Unique parking mode

In Parking Mode triggered by the motion detector, the camera will record when people or things come closer to your car.

GPS enabled

Optional GPS module allows you track the driving route and speed. To use GPS function, please buy a GPS mount.

High Temp protection

Working temp is 32 to 158 Deg. F.. Camera will auto shut down when it is over heat, protects itself and your car.

Staying power

Strong suction mount sticks to the windshield firmly.

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