About Us

Welcome to Desh Cam Buying Guide. We are the most powerful dashboard camera website on the Internet. You may ponder what the history behind Dash Cam Buying Guide is.

I am a customary person from Bangladesh who got inspired by dash cams amid the spring of 2017. Canada, USA, UK is known for car protection tricks and organized mishaps.

The most astounding protection rates in Those Country, USA, UK also. Since I heard more about dash cams, I thought it would be a slick component to add to my auto to ensure against these sorts of tricks.

Likewise to have confirmation in the event that a mishap happens and the other driver is under fair.

At whatever point I buy something, I jump at the chance to do lots of research to ensure I am getting the most “value for my money.”

As a rule, this is straightforward on most items since there is a considerable measure of data accessible on the web (autos, significant apparatuses, customer cameras, and so on.).

In any case, when I began investigating dash cams, this was not the situation. Insignificant impartial surveys existed. Many models had fakes, and it was about difficult to reveal to them separated.

It ‘s hard to figure out which merchant was trustworthy and which ones were not. In any case, I didn’t surrender and continued looking into.

I burned through many hours going over each site I could discover getting the hang of all that I could about dash cams.

I at that point acquired my first dash cam given this exploration and was exceptionally satisfied with the procurement.

I at that point understood that others were likely having the same issue with me while looking into these scams. Subsequently, in the mid year of 2017, I began the site.

To share what I gained from this exploration seeing that it could help other people. I attempt to be as genuine as could be allowed and bring up blemishes and also active parts of every camera.

I additionally began a discussion since I was trusting when somebody buys a dash cam, they could share a good audit on the camera.

What they loved/didn’t care for, how it performs. I feel these good client surveys give more understanding to the quality and ease of use of the dash cam, over expert audits.

I am not a specialist on dash cams. I know a little sum data on a lot of cams since I get a kick out of the chance to inquire about.

There are numerous here who have substantially more top to bottom information on particular cams. So if you locate any off base data on the site, please call attention to out, and we will endeavor to settle it.

Support DashCamBuyingGuide

Our group has spent a ton of exertion pulling together substance for Dashcamtalk.com. We additionally invest a ton of energy running the site.

As the site has picked up prevalence, our facilitating necessities have developed fundamentally which this way makes it all the more exorbitant to run. To help the site monetarily we right now utilize few promotions, and member joins.

If you buy a camera from  Amazon. we will make a little sum. All cameras that we suggest depend on extensive research. These are dash cams that we by and by utilize and would readily prescribe to our companions.

Does this make the surveys one-sided? We have done each endeavor to make the audits as unprejudiced as could be allowed.

We just prescribe a merchant on the off chance that they meet the accompanying criteria:

  1. They have fabricated a notoriety for genuineness (promotions and correspondence)
  2. They have focused costs (the last or near the most reduced)
  3. They attempt to determine issues

For each survey, we try to give various destinations to buy from including sellers we have no subsidiary association with as long as they meet the three criteria above.

We likewise don’t shroud, cover or conceal our associate connections in any capacity, a usual practice by many survey destinations.

From our experience and our party’s experience, Amazon has the best client security which can give some genuine feelings of serenity when obtaining an electronic item from abroad.

They likewise take into account returns on the off chance that you are not by any means happy with your buy. Thus many, yet not all, of our dash cam suggestions, will have an Amazon or eBay seller.

Truth told, an ideal approach to help DashCamTalk is to leave a legitimate survey on any dash cam you claim on our gathering. The more data you can share with the camera and the seller, the more educated we will all be on these cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll try to answer some common questions I usually get.

What is your real name?

I have chosen not to uncover my real name since this is only a side interest for me. I have an all day work and don’t need the site to meddle with it in any capacity.

Perhaps this will change later on, however, for the time being, I am DashCamMan.

Do you accept dash cams from manufacturers or retailers?

No. Each dash cam I possess has acquired with my cash. I need this site to be as fair as could reasonably be expected.

Tolerating free cameras could prompt partial data. Additionally, there is no assurance that the camera sent from the producer is not a “ringer” with better specs.

On the off chance that a maker might want to send a free example, I could guide them to some discussion individuals to do a survey.

This depends on your needs. Check out the Reviews and decided which one is best suited for you.

Thank you for visiting…enjoy your stay.