Blacksys CF-100 Dual Channel HD Dashboard Camera Review

The BlackSys CF-100 is Korean double channel dash cam which was propelled in mid-2013. It is offered for $200 or less, and with extensively more noteworthy valued two-way dash cams it can contend as far As video quality.

Remember that there are in like manner single-channel adaptations of the camera around the commercial center, which is famous 1CH rather of 2CH.Blacksys CF-100 .1

The dual station form incorporates a front camera that will be the fundamental unit (delineated above), and a little, tube shaped back camera that associates with the head unit through a long urge link.

The BlackSys CF-100 does not have an inbuilt screen like most other dash cams do, nor is there Hardware or HDMI yield.

To assess your video film, you ought to either connect the AV jack of the camera and an outer screen or take its SD card into your PC framework or advanced mobile phone. Survey Application for MS Windows included.

The front camera records at a bit rate of 14Mbps at 1080p, making the extra ordinary video film at night, and evening time video is in like manner fantastic.

The back unit just has a bit rate that is 4Mbps and works at 720p, prompting excellent day time video, however awful evening film, unfortunately.

The BlackSys CF-100 incorporates cycle recording, auto on/off, g-sensor, and stopping style. An extra GPS gadget ought to be acquired exclusively should you require it.

At the point when being used, you should track your driving way on Google Maps using the CF-100is watching application.

Another unmistakable normal for the dash cam is its ability to cradle video when running in stopping mode. It will surely spare cash video film from 10 seconds preceding as much as 20 seconds after the occasion when an effect is identified.

Beyond any doubt to use a battery release counteractive action device while using the camera in stopping mode for delayed eras, however.

The camera incorporates a huge crisis catch so you should spare cash and video fragments that you wish to abstain from being overwritten. Moreover, it uses a capacitor rather of an inside battery.

Capacitors are less well on the way to wind up damaged because of overheating and ordinarily have a considerable measure longer future than batteries.

Taking everything into account, the BlackSys CF-100 is only a decent choice on the off chance that you should manage the lower back video quality at night.

It includes all the dash cam essentials and in addition underpins GPS in addition to a supported stopping capacity while it doesn’t have a considerable measure of additionals like the BlackVue cameras do.

At about $100, the CF-100 Likewise significantly more affordable than various other dual channel Dash cams that give suitable video cut.