Esky EC170-06 Car Rear View Backup Camera review

Esky’s little auto camera, which connected to a screen on one’s dashboard camera, has a little body that is about an equal size at one’s fingertips.


It has a 170-degree noticeable range and uses an NTSC video framework. This accompanies its energy wire that can connect to a DC 12V power framework.

The Esky EC170-06 auto camera has fantastic waterproof execution; Esky EC170 arrangement has four models:

Esky EC170-06, Esky EC170-07, Esky EC170-08 and Esky EC170-11. Exceptionally modest value, excellent performance and not exactly $ 20, making them the most profitable choice


Easy Installation:

  1. Mount the camera to your vehicle’s tag territory, back window, or whatever another appropriate place
  2. Change the focal point of the auto camera to its best position.
  3. Interface control wire (dark and red) to your auto DC 12V power frameworks.
  4. Interface the yield of the video (yellow cable) of the dash camera to the show in your auto.